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Moisture Problems

Excessive humidity, Condensation, water leaks, mold, poor indoor air quality.

We specialize in finding the source of these issues. Using state of the art test equipment combined with over 30 years of knowledge and experience.

Predictive Performace Evaluations ™

At times builders and contractors simply want to know that what they are building is in  line with good engineering and building science principles. A site review can be from simple on site consultations and discussions to thorough air tightness, infrared and moisture testing.

    Pre-Construction Plan Reviews

    Determine what are the weak areas and where you an improve efficiency and reduce problems before you build.  Drawing analysis can assist to determine what details are necessary to communicate proper construction to trades.

    Exterior Wall / Window Water Penetration Testing

    Need to find a leak? Using destructive test methods to precisely determine where the moisture entry is taking place by simulating wind and rain combined with interior wall testing probes.

    Air Tightness Testing

    Also called a blower door test, both the air tightness, rated in air changes per hour and equivalent leakage area can be calculated using a large fan and air pressure manometer gauge. This can be particularly useful in moisture tests and energy evaluations.

      Zone Pressure Diagnostics

      Is the air leakage coming from a specific area? Is the area an exterior wall, a party wall or an attic space? Perhaps the bonus room over the garage. Zone Pressure Diagnostic testing can help identify the leakiest locations and pinpoint where you need to focus your efforts.

      Infrared Thermography

      What is Infrared Thermography?

      • Infrared Thermography is a technique that uses specialized imaging equipment to create visual images of heat. This is especially useful to determine the energy efficiency of a building and to detect problems that cause heat and energy loss.

      What does Thermography show?

      • An infrared camera detects heat being emitted from the surface of any object. Thermography is a very effective way to see areas of missing or low insulation, moisture intrusion, and to find the source of uncomfortable areas in your home due to air leakage.

      Will Thermography damage my house?

          • Walls and ceilings are examined in a non-invasive and non-destructive way to discover where heat loss or moisture build-up is occurring. No holes have to be drilled to get a reasonable impression of what is happening within the building structure.

      Why should I use Qualistat as my Thermography testing provider?

          • Combining infrared Thermography with other techniques can produce better results. Using a blower door to create air pressure changes in the building is the only effective way to look for air leakage which can be a major reason for heat loss and moisture problems. We are one of the few local companies that combine the infrared camera and a blower door during a Thermography evaluation to give the best information. Our trained infrared technician uses a FLIR infrared camera specifically designed for building applications. The blower door and other tools such as moisture meters are used depending on the problem being investigated.

      When should I schedule my appointment?

          • For most building problems, the best time to image is during the colder months when there is a significant difference between inside and outside temperatures, which makes for clear and crisp images. During the warmer months, Thermography is more effectively performed at night when temperatures naturally drop.

      What does Thermography cost?

        • We offer different packages to fit individual situations and needs. We are able to offer the service in combination with the EnerGuide evaluation or as a standalone service. Prices will vary according to individual requirements and desired tests.

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